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Week of 10/30

It was a remote week for me in DC. Spent time with my dad which is always a fun time. He gave me a few books of note:

Henry at Work (When I first opened the book I landed on the beginning of the chapter called Meaningless Work... One of those signs of the universe.)


Essays Michel de Montaigne selected and illustrated by Salvador Dali (The illustrations are crazy. I'm going to scan them and put them online somewhere.)

Yesterday I was traveling most of the day so I didn't get a chance to do much. I hate taking the bus from DC to NYC. It's such a long, slow, tight ride - you can't get any work done on a bus. But that's the tradeoff for how cheap it is compared to trying to buy an Amtrak ticket on the weekend.

The NYC marathon's today so it kind of throws a wrench in plans.

For personal projects, everything's always moving in the right direction. I'll setup separate pages to describe these in more detail, but for now some vague updates:

Finally, here's some cool links I think are worth sharing that I stumbled upon last week:

Oslo Architecture

Sentry from the Beginning

The problem with Reddit